We provide electrical service to you in what ever capacity you require, no minimums.

Sometimes you're not looking to remodel your entire home and a small project is all you have in mind. We can Help. Our wide array of experience and expertise allows us to help you make sense of your electrical needs.

From Hot tubs, to dimmer switches, we will safely and efficiently meet the needs of your project.

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At Burris Electric, we are committed to a culture of excellence through empowering our employees and providing high-quality, on-the-job training  so that we can guarantee a premier service to each and every customer.

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Updated Devices

Add convenience to your day-to-day living with USB/USB-C compatible outlets or control the mood in any room when you upgrade to a dimmer switch.

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Panel Upgrade

Invest in your home by installing an up-to-date electrical panel. Complete with whole house surge protection, proper grounding and bonding, and new breakers we can guarantee your homes electrical service meets and exceeds current safety standards.

car using an electrical charging station

EV Charging station

Proper EV charging stations are a simple and easy instillation that will improve the charge time of your electric car.

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Hot tubs and Swim Spas

Small portable hot tubs or full size swim spas, we provide you with appropriate wiring, circuitry and safety so that you can enjoy your comforts with peace of mind.

Electrical generator outside of house

Generator and Back-up Power Solutions

Leave worry behind knowing you have the option to power your home in the event of an outage. From an automated power back-up system to a simple inlet for your mobile generator there is an option for you

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Sometimes things in your home just don't seem to be working the way they should be. With over 2 decades of trade experience, we will diagnose and find a remedy for what ever issues your having with your homes electrical system.

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What We Do

Whether you are building your dream home or you need reliable solution to your electrical needs, discover how we can assist you in accomplishing your electrical goals.

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Service Work

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Electrical Rough In

bathroom remodel with stunning lighting