January 11, 2024

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Nestled in the South Puget Sound region of Washington State, our electrical company proudly calls Gig Harbor its home base. Surrounded by the scenic landscapes of Tacoma, University Place, Lakewood, Key Peninsula, Port Orchard, and Bremerton, we are committed to establishing Burris Electric as an integral part of the communities we serve.

Operating in the South Puget Sound provides a very unique blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Gig Harbor, with its maritime allure and breathtaking views, serves as the central hub for our operations. Beyond being a mere business location, Gig Harbor is our home, where a deep sense of community pervades our daily operations. Our professional ties extend beyond transactions, fostering meaningful connections with the residents that Burris Electric is privileged to serve.

In Gig Harbor, where familiarity is a constant companion, our work takes on profound significance. We are not merely addressing electrical needs; we are actively contributing to the well-being and functionality of the community we proudly call our own. Serving as the local electricians, we bear the responsibility of ensuring that lights illuminate the homes scattered along the hillsides overlooking the harbor.

Blessed to watch our business grow and extend across the South Puget Sound, from Tacoma to Bremerton, Burris Electric serves as a conduit connecting cities and neighborhoods. In Tacoma, renowned for its rich cultural and historical heritage, our work can be found throughout the eclectic businesses and diverse homes. From the historic architecture of the Stadium District to the modern designs of the North End, our electrical enterprise is threaded into the fabric of homes and businesses.

University Place, with its academic ambiance and suburban charm, witnesses our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch electrical services. In Lakewood, where parks and lakes dot the landscape, our work enhances the comfort and safety of homes nestled amidst natural beauty. The Key Peninsula, celebrated for its rural charm, sees us introducing modern electrical solutions that harmonize with the area's rustic appeal.Port Orchard, with its maritime legacy, and Bremerton, home to naval history, stand as testaments to our expertise in addressing the diverse needs of the South Puget Sound. Our role extends beyond conventional wire fixes and fixture installations; it becomes an active participation in the growth and sustainability of these communities.

Gig Harbor, however, holds a special place in our professional and personal vision. Our pride in serving this city goes beyond the mere completion of jobs and collecting a paycheck; it is about contributing to the continued prosperity of the community that has played a pivotal role in shaping our identity. The harbor, with its sailboats and waterfront establishments, is not merely a scenic backdrop; it symbolizes the resilience and strength embedded in the residents we are privileged to serve.

Our commitment to Gig Harbor is evident in the meticulous attention we devote to every project, irrespective of its scale. The reliability of our services mirrors the resilient nature of the community we are honored to call home.The sense of community in Gig Harbor is not simply a professional asset; it is a cherished aspect of our work. As we walk around town in our day-to-day lives, we are not only recognized as service providers but as members of the neighborhood. This familiarity brings a level of trust that defines our relationships with clients and empowers us to surpass conventional standards, innovating solutions tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of each and every customer.

In Gig Harbor and beyond, our work stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit defining the South Puget Sound. Whether upgrading electrical systems in historical homes or incorporating sustainable solutions in modern constructions, we continuously adapt to the evolving needs of the region. The synergy between our technical expertise and the dynamic character of the South Puget Sound creates a landscape where progress and tradition coalesce seamlessly.

As the sun sets over the waters of Gig Harbor, casting a warm glow on the boats in the harbor, we take a moment to reflect. Our journey in the South Puget Sound is not confined to business milestones; it is about weaving our professional story into the rich history of the Puget Sound. With each connection made, every problem solved, and each light turned on, we contribute to the enduring legacy of the South Puget Sound—one wire at a time

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Our Home

In Gig Harbor, where familiarity is a constant companion, our work takes on profound significance. We are not merely addressing electrical needs; we are actively contributing to the well-being and functionality of the community we proudly call our own

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